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Handcrafted Cakes FAQ

Check out some of the commonly asked questions and answers.  If your question is not found in here, feel free to contact us.  We will be most happy to assist!

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  • How many days in advance do we need to give for an order?
We require 5-7 days notice for cake size 1kg and below and longer notice for bigger cakes and during peak seasons.  The available dates are shown for your selection on check out.
  • I need the cake on Sunday.  May I collect or have it delivered on Sunday?  

We are closed on Sundays.  For celebrations on Sundays, we suggest collection or delivery on Saturday and store the cake in freezer.

  • How do I decide how big a cake to order?
Unlike chiffon cakes, ice-cream cakes are smaller in size as ice-cream are denser/heavier.
Ice-cream size and suggested servings:
    • 0.5kg serves  3-5
    • 1.0kg serves  6-11
    • 1.5kg serves 12-17
    • 2.0kg serves 18-23
    • 2.5kg serves 23-28
    • 3.0kg serves 28-35
  • Do you provide cake knife?

Cake knife is not provided as a metal knife is required for an ice-cream cake.

    • Are your ice-cream certified Halal?

    No, they are not Halal certified.  They contain no eggs, pork and lard, suitable for vegetarians, except for Chocolate Marshmallow.

    • Are your ice-cream vegetarian?
    Yes,  our ice-cream is vegetarian, except Chocolate Marshmallow as marshmallow contains gelatin.
    • Are your ice-cream cakes vegetarian?
    It depends on your choice of design.  All our ice-cream are vegetarian.  But some cake decorations may not be vegetarian.  E.g.  brownies on cakes contain eggs, hence the cake is not vegetarian.
    • Does your ice--cream contain alcohol?

    Most of our flavours do not contain alcohol.  If they contain alcohol, they will be stated.

    • How long can the ice-cream stay frozen?

    They can stay frozen in the closed box for approximately 1 hour upon collection.  For delivery to your collection, please store cake immediately in freezer upon receipt.

    Extra dry ice is available at a small fee.  Do note that cakes with more dry ice will be harder to cut.  But we recommend having the cake harder than softer.

    • Do we need to thaw the cake first?
    We do not recommend thawing the cake as you may not know how long is enough before cake starts to melt . We recommend you sing your birthday song upon taking the cake out of the box.  If it is too hard to cut, you can then leave it to thaw for a while or warm up the knife.
    • Can the cake goes into home freezer?
    Most home freezer can accommodate a 1kg cake box.  When the cake is bigger than 1kg, the box is too big for most home freezers.
    • Can I remove the cake from the box and store in home freezer?
    You may do so but you must ensure there is no smell in the freezer as the cake may absorb the smells of the frozen food in the freezer.
    • How do I know what flavour to choose?

    Do  checkout our flavour chart for a description of the flavours before making your choice.  

    • Do you deliver?

    Yes, we deliver Singapore island-wide and Sentosa Sentosa at a fee.  Self-collect will be at our Siglap outlet.  We are closed on Sundays, hence there are no deliveries and collections on Sundays 

    • How much is the delivery fee?
    Order value $100.00 and below   - $20
    Order value $100.01 to $299.99  - $15
    Order value $300 and above       - free
      • Is there any GST charges?
      The cake price is nett.  No GST charges.
      • What payment modes do you accept?

      We accept credit card payment when you order online.  You can also choose to make bank transfer or PayNow to our corporate UEN  Please state the order number when making the transfer and email us when payment is completed.  Bank transfer and PayNow payment need to be done at least 3 days before delivery date.

      Please note that we do not accept cash or any payment  on delivery.

      • Can we cancel our order after confirmation?

      There shall be no refund if order is cancelled 5 working days prior to delivery/collection date.

      For cancellation more than 5 working days prior to delivery/collection date, the refund amount will be determine on case by case basis.