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Ice-Cream Social (60 - 90 cups)
Ice-Cream Social (60 - 90 cups)

Ice-Cream Social (60 - 90 cups)

Regular price $190.00

Package starts from 60 petite scoops. Choose up to 10 flavours.  

Free upgrade to Premium and Speciality flavours for up to 50% of cups ordered!

Options to top up to 90 cups and/or upsize scoops.

Suitable for department meetings, housewarming, birthday celebrations and other big sized gatherings.

Note:  The number of cups for each flavour choice is equivalent to package size divide by 10 flavour choices.  Example: 60 cups package would mean 6 cups for each flavour choice.  If the same flavour appear for 2 choices, it would be 12 cups for that flavour.